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Laundry Maintenance

Fires in laundry ducts are an all the frequent occurrence. Dried fluff is a tinder box waiting to ignite when proper comprehensive maintenance is not maintained. The Regulatory Reform ( Fire Safety ) Order 2005 recommends tumble dryer ducts are cleaned at six to twelve month periods to minimise the risk of fires.

As you use the dryer lint builds up causing a blockage; as well as the above potential fire hazard this prevents the dryer from working efficiently meaning longer drying times and cost!


Once the LaundryTec engineer has completed the clean you will be issued with a clean certificate as proof for your insurance ,health and safety and peace of mind.

Below are some of the ducts that LaundryTec have cleaned and saved risk to life and limb from an imminent fire!

What lurks in your dryer? Can you afford to take the chance? Call us now to book your Laundry maintenance - 0151 317 3127.

LT Compare before .png
LT Compare After.png
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